Advertising Modules - Privacy Policy

Last updated: Nov 12, 2013


This policy is an integral part of the Advertising Platform Terms of Service and the same terms and definitions will apply to this policy as well, unless stated otherwise.

We make great efforts to ensure that this Privacy Policy is as clear and comprehensive as possible. However, if you wish to receive further clarifications, you may contact our privacy compliance officer at: support@loading.domain.

What information do we collect?

We do not know your identity, we do not make efforts to reveal your identity, and our services are not based on knowing or sharing your identity.
We collect and use the IP address that an Internet service provider allocated to your device and that you use to access the Internet. We do not connect the IP address that was allocated to your device, with any information that can reasonably identify you and We do not make any efforts to know your identity. Therefore, unless you provide us specific identifying details the information that we collect will remain non-identifying. We collect and retain some non-personally identifiable information (non-PII) such as the country in which the Internet service provider that allocated you the IP address to your device, is based, the type of browser that you use and its version, the Software installation date, the operating system that you use, your default search provider, status of the Software installation, a unique user and affiliate ID generated by the Software, the web address of the Webpage you have visited, date and timestamp of marking the text. This information enables us to provide you the service, and to customize it to your digital environment. We do not use it to reveal your identity.

Why do we collect this information?

We collect such information in order to set the frequency of ads display and if required, to label you as a user that chose to opt out from an Advertising Module or from our entire Services and disable any Commercial Content. We also make use of such information for counting the number of users on certain webpage, for aggregation and statistics and for technical trouble shooting if required. Note that we are never using such information to identify you personally.

How do we collect information?

Once you installed the Software and as a result used our Services, we provide us with your permission to collect and retain information by using several modules. We may use raw logs which include some non-personally identifiable information about you and available in their form for less than 24 hours, before it becomes aggregative. Raw logs are plain text files containing information about visitors and their activity on certain websites. We may also store cookie on your browser when browsing certain websites. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while a user is browsing a website. This cookie shall be stored until you delete it from your computer, and it is enables us to count your visits' frequency, the duration of your user ID (a random number generated to you by us) in the system as well as to label you in case of choosing to opt-out our Services. At all times, you may choose not to accept cookies from Us or delete existing cookies, by accessing your browser preferences. In such cases you should take into consideration that deleting such cookie may bring to some services unavailability or cancel any label of you as an opted-out user, if applicable.

Third Party Services and Advertising

In providing the Services We may use third party services in order to provide you with certain Advertising Modules and Commercial Content. Such third parties services may also collect data about your visits and usage of the Software using cookies as well. At all times, you may choose not to accept cookies from these third parties or to disable their services and to delete these cookies, by accessing your browser preferences. The data collection practices of these third parties are out of Our control and you are advised to contact them directly for more information about their own privacy policies.

With whom do we share your data?

We may share your non-identifiable information with others for the following purposes:

  • To provide our Services, through our affiliates, service providers and business partners;
  • If the ownership or management of our Services is transferred to another entity as a result of a merger or an acquisition;
  • We may share the information with affiliated companies such as subsidiaries, sister-companies and parent companies to enhance Our and Our affiliates' ability to provide and offer services;
  • In any event of a legal dispute, or subject to an order of a competent authority;

How do we secure your information?

We use industry standard information security tools and measures, and internal procedures to prevent information misuse and data breaches. Our employees and contractors access the information on a 'need-to-know' basis and subject to confidentiality obligations.
The measures and procedures that we employ substantially reduce the risks of data misuse, but we cannot guarantee that our systems will be absolutely safe. If you become aware of any potential data breach or security vulnerability, you are requested to contact us immediately, and we will take all measures to investigate the incident and take preventive measures, as required.

Can we change our privacy policy?

We may amend or update this Privacy Policy from time to time to address new regulation or with accordance to new features or any changes in our services. Notification for new version of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will be posted in our website or will be made available within the Service.

Who can you contact if you feel your privacy was violated?

If you have any questions about our Privacy statement, the practices We use or if you feel your privacy have been violated, you may contact our privacy officer, by email support@loading.domain and file a complaint. Our privacy officer will inspect the complaints within reasonable time and send you and answer promptly.